Video Conferencing Tips

Video Conferencing Tips

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who survives, but those who adapt the fastest – Charles Darwin

During these turbulent times we need to adapt. The global quarantines due to the CoronaVirus are only expanding and the current situation will go on for a while. Most people’s income will drop significantly but the bills most likely won’t.

If you haven’t done so, now is the time to think about (and act upon) creating a home based income creating activity. Most people aren’t aware of the free online tools you can use to grow your online business. Below, I will show you step by step exactly how you can improve the quality of you webinars (online presentations):

  • 1. SOFTWARE: Choose the right software for your webinars. There are numerous softwares but I will recommend the one I use. I use Zoom which is a free software where you can host up to 100 viewers completely for free for a limited time of 40 minutes at a time. You can do unlimited webinars as long as they are limited to 40 minutes. If you wish to have more functionalities, you can upgrade to have all the add ons you wish.
  • 2. SILENCE: Make sure that there is no background noise, or at least reduce it to the maximum. During these times, you are possibly sharing a house/space with flatmates and it might be easier said than done. Make sure your flatmates/kids know you are on a webinar and inform them of the times you will be doing the webinar. TIP: Try to use ear/headphones to maximise the quality of the sound and reduce unwanted noises.
  • 3. LIGHTING: Nothing is worst than a badly lit room. Try to get a light directly pointing at your face. And at all costs, avoid sitting in front of a window or you will look like a silhouette or backlight. There is not such thing as too strong a light in your face.
  • 4. CAMERA: Get the highest quality camera possible, if you don’t have one, the inbuilt camera on your laptop should suffice in the beginning. Try and keep the camera at eye level so you are not looking up or down at the camera and hence your webinar viewers.
  • 5. AVOID CLUTTER: Remove all unnecessary clutter from the background. A simple white wall will do the job perfectly well.
  • 6. Dress clean with one colour. Avoid stripes and colourful shirts.
  • 8. As you are (probably) sharing your screen, make sure you either share you screen before opening the room for guests or clean your desktop and only keep essential apps opened (powerpoint)
  • 7. Smile, relax and enjoy the moment

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