Network Marketing?

I was looking everywhere for a solution, I didn’t mind working, but it had to get me excited. I had a look at traditional franchising, I liked the idea: they give you a business plan, a brand and the knowhow. All you have to do is work and follow the plan. The problem? I didn’t have the money to start the ones that I had my eyes on.

I had been searching for a solution for a few months, and a sector kept on coming up: Network Marketing.

I had heard about network marketing a few times but never even heard the pitch. Even though I had never studied the industry, I assumed I knew what it was: “A get-rich-quick-scheme that only the first few make money, one of those pyramid schemes.” I made this assumption because somebody told me once (or I read somewhere) that he was once in “one of those things” and never made money.

So what changed? Why did I go to a presentation?

Two main reasons. One: I had no viable alternative, so I might as well have a look. Two: the person who invited me was a successful uncle of mine who already had the life I was dreaming of. He had the large house with a pool and dogs, the Yatch and the Porsche. I had to go and see what this business was all about and why such a businessman would get involved.

From that first presentation with 8 people in the room, I knew that I had found the solution to my life.

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